Value Added Reseller Partner Program

As a Value Added Reseller (VAR), you can resell EmCentrix’s products & solutions under your own brand to other businesses at your own pricing and keep the difference between the retail and wholesale rates.

Becoming a VAR allows you to broaden your offerings to your customers and gain new competitive advantages. It also provides you with new revenue channels by helping you attract more customers, particularly those seeking a cost effective and integrated suite of online HR and payroll solutions.

Partnering with EmCentrix offers you unique capabilities in the sales process due to our ability to provide complete customization services. When you run into potential customers that have business processes or systems that don’t fit into any of the standard solutions, you will not have to walk away from the opportunity. Instead, we can work with you and your customer to build a custom solution that fits their needs.

EmCentrix offers different partnership categories for your business, so no matter what your area of expertise we can help you to expand and grow.

Typical partners in this program include:

  • Image not found. Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) looking for better automated HR & payroll solutions.
  • Payroll outsourcers looking to enhance their payroll technology offering.
  • HRO or BPO resellers seeking better technology solutions to service clients.
  • Benefits and insurance brokers looking for new ways to leverage additional sales to existing contacts using HR and payroll solutions.
  • Image not found. TPAs who are seeking ways to automate information from their customers to their systems.
  • HR, ERP, and financial technology providers looking to add HR, payroll, & time and attendance solutions to product offerings.
  • Image not found. Association marketers who want to deliver online processes, such as quoting, managing applications, and billing of the products they represent.
  • Recruiting outsourcers looking to move into more general HRO space with an online HRMS technology solution.

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