Custom Development

EmCentrix offers customizable solutions, giving you a product that suits your company.
We believe that the system should fit the company. That's why we offer complete customization services for our clients. If the standard system doesn't quite fit your company, we can tweak it until it does. If you require a function that we don't have, we can create it for you. If our standard system is too comprehensive for your company, we can trim it down.

EmCentrix's HRMS is not necessarily a "what you see is what you get" product. It is a highly flexible solution that can be tailored to your needs. Our experienced developers can modify the system in countless ways; we can create new custom functions, reports, screens, exports, and integrations to make the system uniquely suited to your company's needs. Our goal is to develop your ideas and visions, enhancing your workflow and business processes and adding strategic features for your organization.

Our developers have years of experience in developing HR and payroll solutions, and have performed a broad range of customizations. We have developed solutions for HR, benefits, payroll, applicant hiring processes, timesheets, time clocks, Worker's Comp, FMLA, PTO, 401k, report functions, export functions, payroll integrations, carrier integrations and more to companies of all sizes and industries.

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