Job Detail

Team Leader 3 1142

BurgerWorks Texas LLC Nederland TX
Position Title: Team Leader 3 1142
Position Code: TEAMLEADER3
Position Type: Full Time Regular
Opening Date: 6/18/2018
Salary Range: $10.00 once certified
Position Location: Nederland, TX

Primary Position Duties:

  • Your responsibilities involve assisting with the scheduling for Team Members and maintaining the assigned Labor allocation for each shift.  You will help Manager 3 prepare for all new POP marketing for each quarter and train the team on proper presentation and storage for any new product.  You will coordinate with the WOW committee on any new or existing event in your market and any initiative the company is promoting.  You will post the weekly SMG report on the information board and notate any areas that need to be address in the weekly meeting.  You will report the staffing needs to the team and advise them on any issue you see coming.
    -Assist Manager 3 with Team members scheduling
    • Review weekly forecast with Manager 3
    • Review requests for day off
    -Quarterly LSM (Local Store Marketing)
    • Prepare new POP when it arrives
    • Complete any menu price changes when they occur
    -WOW events
    • Communicate with WOW committee members on events (Darlene, Melisa, and Bre)
    • Prepare for event (i.e. team members, time set-up and clean-up)
    -SMG reports
    • Print weekly SMG reports and post in communication board
      • Automatically sent to email every Tuesday morning
    • Work with Manager 3 to prepare SMG reports for weekly meeting
    -Prepare for weekly meeting
    • New products
    • Team member staffing
    You will help Manager 3 complete all forms associated with your position for the weekly meeting.  You will advise help the team on any areas that are of concerns and seek input for the next week’s schedule.

Education or Skills:

Position Requirements:

    • Always have a smile and a positive attitude 
    • Remain calm during extremely high volume and peak periods
    • Create a rapport with the team and earn respect for the current job you perform
    • Other Team Members look to you for guidance and assistance
    • Able to communicate effectively without being rude or condescending?
    • Arrive to work early and set an example for the rest of the team on the proper and clean uniform to wear
    • Able to perform the administrative duties required for this position
      • Deposits
      • inventory counts
      • basic mathematical functions
      • Orange Guide Book
      • food Safety shift checklist
    • Ability to train and coach team members on proper procedures and food safety policies
    • Do you want the Team Leader position?
    • Certified on all stations
    • Follow procedures at all times, even when no one is watching
    • Be an asset to your current Management team
    • Able to work with all team members no matter what skill level they possess
    • Show a sense of urgency at all times without compromising food quality and food safety policies
    • Utilize your time effectively by cleaning and stocking and assisting other when they you are not busy
    • Seek out knowledge that will assist in your development
    • Take pride in all tasks that you complete
    • Able to speak with guests in a concise and personable level
    • View the guest as a priority not a distraction