Job Detail

QC 1142

BurgerWorks Texas LLC Nederland TX
Position Title: QC 1142
Position Code: QC
Position Type: Full Time Regular
Opening Date:
Salary Range: $8.75 once cerified
Position Location: Nederland, TX

Primary Position Duties:

  • The Team Member that is in charge of Quality Control plays an important part in our day to day operations. You are in charge of product organization, FIFO rotation, product labeling, product portioning, dry storage organization, and sanitation. This team member needs to be available when the Sygma shipment is delivered and has to help ensure that product organization is maintained throughout the day. These are the job duties that this position entails but is not limited to:
    • Cleans, sanitizes three compartment sink in preparation for produce preparation. Follows shift readiness guidelines in prep station operations in Ops manual. Prepares and follows food safety guidelines.
    • Ensures produce table and prep equipment is clean and detailed.
    • Prepare all needed produce for Lunch volume following procedures, labels and dates each pan after preparation and stores in appropriate cooler to maintain temperatures under 40 degrees’.
    1.Prepares Lettuce
    2.Slices Tomato’s
    3.Dices onions
    • Dates all products with use by date and organizes according to FIFO
    • Cleans 3 Compartment sink, including shelf above sink and FIFO bottle rack
    • Prior to leaving for the day preps dinner produce as needed
    Portions –
    • Portions
    1.chicken strips, Whatachicken if needed, bites as needed
    2. onion rings
    3. roasted veggies and dates appropriately
    4.Jalapeno’s (Use by 7 days)
    5.Shredded cheese (Bag use by 7 days – portioned Use by 3 days)
    • Portions (wraps) sliced cheese (large, small and Monterrey jack), date must match that on the box.
    • Fills all back up FIFO bottles, ensures we have enough back-up for the day to go through all day parts.
    Tempers -
    • Pull cases of Meat patties as needed (12 hour temper time)
    • Removes cinnamon rolls from freezer for tempering and labeled accordingly for next day’s business. (Temper 2 hours-Uses by 36 hrs.)
    • Pulls Grilled chicken from freezer and places in the walking cooler by bag as needed (in half –size pan tempered for 48 hrs. – Use by for an additional 48 hrs.)
    • Sausage patties as needed (12 hr. temper – Use by 3 day’s), crumbled sausage (6 hr. temper – 2 day hold)
    • Removes cookies from freezer for tempering and labels accordingly for next day’s needs. Should have a guideline of needs. (Thaw 4 hrs.-Use by 7 days)
    Cleaning and Organizing –         
    • Follows the cleaning schedule set at the unit for racks and cleans a minimum of twice every week.
    • Organizes storage room, cuts box flaps, labels food products with use by date and rotates accordingly
    • Checks for product organization in walk ins and dry storage, follows dating and FIFO procedures.
    • Cuts all box flaps in walk in coolers and Dry store rooms / kitchen shelving.
    • Ensures organization of small wares peg board and cleans weekly
    • Clean and organizes dish shelves
    • Ensures BIB rack is clean and organized with all drinks labeled and rotated according to FIFO
    • Cleans oven after breakfast use
    • Cleans the 3 compartment sink area (walls, floor, sinks, drain and copper pipe) prior to leaving for the day.

Education or Skills:

Position Requirements:

    • Always has smile and a positive attitude
    • Good communication skills
    • Responsible
    • Ability to listen
    • Focus on the job at hand
    • Willingness to learn
    • Ablilty to follow preparation directions
    • Ability to write clearly
    • Ability to recognize poor quality product
      • Produce
    • Ability to follow sanitation procedures
    • Mulititask
      • Work quickly and efficiently