Job Details

Crew Member

Little Caesars Pizza of Arkansas, Inc. Jacksonville AR
Position Title: Crew Member
Position Code: CREW
Position Type: Part Time Regular
Opening Date: 3/11/2019
Salary Range:
Position Location: Jacksonville, AR
Position Summary:
Position Opening date: 3/11/2019
Position Closing date:
Shift / Availability Needed:
Total hours per week:

Primary Position Duties:

The employee will satisfactorily complete and pass all sections of the basic Company Training Program, known as Caesars Advanced Rating and Development System (“CARDS”), on or before 60 days from date of hire. The Company will provide all training materials and training support from various members of the Management Team, the employee however, is expected to be self-motivated in attaining these goals. The employee is responsible for seeking guidance, training and testing to accomplish 100% certification within the allotted 60 days. Failure to accomplish 100% of the stated CARDS goals on or before 60 days from date of hire may result in termination.
2. Serves customers correct complete orders within service time goals, according to the Customer Service Standards, the Priority Guidelines, the telephone and front counter station procedures and if necessary, the Remedy Process.
3. Prepares and ensures consistent high quality products are served to customers as described in the Company training materials.
4. Displays the proper image (including but not limited to compliance with Company grooming, uniform, jewelry, and hygiene standards) and follows Company policies, procedures and standards for conduct as outlined in the Company Orientation and Training Handbook and Policy Manual.
5. Cleans and organizes essentially any/all internal space and/or items within the restaurant. This is to include but is not limited to: trash cans, work stations, counters, restaurant equipment, doors, floors, walls, windows, shelving, racks, plumbing fixtures (sinks, toilets, faucets, backsplashes, mop basins, etc.), cooking utensils, pans, trays, containers, racks, etc. as directed by management. Cleaning assignments can also include the building and grounds of each restaurant.
6. Complies with Company cash handling / variance procedures.
7. Complies with all safety and security procedures as defined in the Company Orientation and Training Handbook as well as any other safety and security procedures issued.
8. Performs job duties according to Company standards, procedures and policies.
9. Performs tasks associated with revenue growth, food, paper, labor, and operating cost controls.
10. Follows all procedures associated with opening, operating, and/or closing the restaurant.
11. All other tasks and duties that might be assigned by Company Management in the attainment of Company goals and targets.
12. Appropriately handles unexpected occurrences/events and promptly notifies Company management of such events (utilizing the Company’s Chain of Command and/or as outlined in the Company Handbook) in a timely manner.

Education or Skills:

The Crew Member must:
1. Be at least 16 years of age.
2. Possess basic math and reading skills.
3. Be dependable, hard working and have the ability to work under pressure and in stressful situations.
4. Be able to work a standard schedule and be able to perform all the essential functions of the job.
5. Meet Company Background Verification guidelines.
6. The U.S. Department of Justice (INS Division) requires that each Colleague provide documentation that proves their eligibility to work in the United States.

Position Requirements:

To perform the functions listed in this job description, the following tasks will be required:
1. The ability to lift and move 55 lbs
2. The ability to reach and move items from as high as 6 feet and as low as 6 inches off the ground. The ability to control and utilize equipment safely and correctly (cheese shredder, sheeter machine, dough mixer, dough rounder, sauce ladle, cheese cups, pan grippers, spatula, pizza and dough cutter, different types of knives, can openers, pastry brush, scales, microwave, telephone, computer terminals, etc.). Please note; certain pieces of equipment can only be operated by colleagues over the age of 18.
3. The ability to “Shakerboard” by working outside holding a sign as allowed by ordinance.
4. The ability to apply pressure to cut through products and/or clean equipment, utensils, and any/all improvements within the restaurant.
5. The ability to count, separate and weigh all types of food products and inventory items.
6. The ability to effectively communicate with customers and co-workers (reading, speaking, hearing, writing, etc.).
7. The ability to understand directions, instructions and product specifications.
8. The ability to process and complete customer orders.
9. The ability to comprehend all training materials and practice standard operating procedures.
10. The ability to successfully pass required training programs for certification.
11. The ability to use mathematical skills to compute sales totals, percentages,