Job Detail

Team Leader 1-819

BurgerWorks Texas LLC Bridge City TX
Position Title: Team Leader 1-819
Position Code: TEAMLEAD
Position Type: Full Time Regular
Opening Date: 1/21/2018
Salary Range: $10.00 once certified
Position Location: Bridge City, TX
Date Posted: 1/19/2019

Primary Position Duties:

  • Your responsibilities are to help maintain the training of the crew members.     
    • Have uniform and name tag
      • Employee must purchase their own slip resistant shoes
    • Place new team member in Proprofs
    • Watch “Double Handwashing,” “Hazard Communication,” “Serving with Pride,” and “Production flow for speed” using Whataburger University
    • Test on “Serving with Pride” and “Production Flow for Speed”
    • Review Safety and Security Operation Manual
    • Test on Safety and Security
    -Proprofs Training tracker
    • Print training tracker from email
    • Review weekly training tracker
    • Review weekly training planner with TL
      • Due EVERY Monday by 5p.m.
    • Follow-up on previous week Training planner completion with TL
    • Follow-up on Texas food handler’s certification (completion and record keeping)
    • Assign new Certification for team members
    • Assign training task for each shift (Certifications and retesting)
    • Team Leader Training/Safety Security Survey (OGB)
    • Coordinate with the Buddy concerning schedule and expectations
    • Schedule Certification and further station training
    Prepare for your weekly meeting by meeting with your Manager and complete the Weekly Manager Meeting Form.  Notate any discrepancies and plan for the future weeks.

Education or Skills:

Position Requirements:

    • Always have a positive attitude
      • A simply “Hi” to your employees can change their attitude for the better
    • Effective communication skills
      • Must be able to remain calm during a stressful time and keep the employees at ease
    • Responsible
      • Punctual
      • Uniform must be presentable
        • “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”
    • Articulate
    • Personable with employees
    • Able to motivate employees
      • Give the employees something to strive for
    • Ability to listen
    • Must be open minded
    • Must inspire
    • Must create unity
    • Focus on the job at hand
    • Willingness to learn